A Unique Studio

4. Good Energy with Greg, 32 minutes

Lost river Yoga

6. Finding Balance with Margo, 30 minutes

7. Gentle Stretch with Margo, 35 minutes

Because the yoga barn is closed due to the Covid virus, we are adapting our teaching by putting videos on YouTube. Below are links to classes by Margo, Greg, and Bob. We hope you will continue your practice at home until we are able to open the studio.

9. Getting Back to My Practice, 35 minutes

​2. ​​​​Practicing Courage with Margo, 35 minutes

3. ​​​​Planting Seeds with Margo, 30 minutes

10. Chair Yoga with Margo, 25 minutes

8. Working the Side Body with Margo, 35 minutes

5. Warriors with Margo, 25 minutes

​​​1. Stretch and Strengthen with Margo, 25 minutes