With the closing of the yoga barn, Ann and Margo are selling a number of items from their personal collection. Items will be displayed on the porch of the Yoga Barn on a date to be determined, most likely in May. 

Indian Table. Rosewood table with mother-of-pearl inlay. Made in India.

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Wayang Golek Puppets from Indonesia

Wayang is a form of puppet theatre art in Indonesia. They represent figures from Asian religious texts as well as folk tales, and puppetry is a popular form of entertainment. Shows sometimes last far into the night.

These puppets were purchased from a retired master puppet maker. They are all antique and were used in puppet shows in villages throughout Indonesia. 

Temple Rubbing

Bas-relief temple rubbing in gold tone from Angkor Wat. Framed with Thai silk mat and gold frame. Done on vintage rice paper circa mid-1960 s. Rubbings have since been banned to preserve the temple art.

Handmade betel nut box from Thailand circa 1900.   
These boxes were used to store betel nuts, which would be wrapped in a betel leaf with lime paste and other ingredients, often tobacco, for chewing. The practice produced a mild high but left a black residue on the teeth. 

Khantok Table. A khantoke or khantok (Thai: pronounced [kʰǎn tòːk]) is a pedestal tray used as a small dining table by the Lanna people (of northern Thailand), Laotians, and by people from Isan (northeastern Thailand).

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