​August 16-17 Yoga Immersion with Ellen de Jonge

2105 Special Events

Lost river Yoga

​​July 18 Yoga with Joyce Yagerline 

2106 Special Events

June 14  Meditation with Bhante Sudhaso

August 22 Yoga with Larry Beal

August 1  Yoga Day Retreat 

June 13-14 Yoga in the Mountains Retreat 

June 18 WILD THING FLOW with Joey Gottlieb 9:00 am

A Unique Studio

Join Joey for an enlivening, elegant flow practice that will take you through warming sun salutations and sequences to open the front body and tone the back body. Explore ways to refine your alignment to find optimal health and freedom in your backbends, apexing to Camatkarasana, the pose of the wild thing! 

Sept 6 & 27 Yoga with Mark Roncato

Stay tuned for more 2106 Special Events!